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A Learning Platform & Community Tribe For Aspiring Life Changers And Soul Seekers


Learn all you need to know about how to get started online and how to bring your passion into your future or existing business. Making a living doing what you love is the dream for so many of us!

BUT: True Freedom Starts Within!

Unlike many others will tell you, YOU are the secret ingredient to success not the skills. Anyhow, we combine the both of them and make real changes in our lives.

Clarity | Vision | Inner Work | Mindset | Skills

Connect with me, Bastian creator of bearonawalk, and other purpose-driven people that want to make a change in their lives and do more of what they love every day!

walktofreedom is a place for luminaries, learners, creators, visionaries, dreamers and explorers.

It's for those that are ready to challenge the status quo and blaze new trails. For those who want Expansion and Growth in all areas of life. 

If you have an open heart and an open mind and the desire to make a real change in any area of your life - you are in the right place.


Today's world can be overwhelming.

We often lack clarity in our lives and with all our ideas.

Fears and limiting beliefs keep us stuck from moving forward.

Society, Family and Friends have huge expectations we are not always willing to fulfill.

Staying true to oneself and chasing our dreams can be a real challenge.

Many courses and online communities are a time-suck and leave you with more Questions than Answers.


A next level community where you can be YOU 24/7 and learn, grow and expand.

Receive the support and find answers you need to build a more meaningful life for yourself.

Get access to epic Content, Information, Courses and much more:

Get answers to the burning questions you can’t just google. The answer to every question you have about your life or business is a lesson someone else had to learn the hard way.

Experience exclusive content and conversations you can’t find anywhere else.

Meet people who share your interests, who live near you, who do the same things, or who care about the same topics. 

Collaborate, co-work, and learn from one another.
Find inspiration from people like you.

Make an impact and contribute to the walktofreedom community we’re building together.

It's a warm and safe place, where everyone understands what it means to have big ideas and dreams. We combine the outer AND the inner world.


  • 🎥 Regular and Epic Content around:
    + Laptop Lifestyle
    + Mindset & Personal Growth
    + Travels
    + Inspiration & Motivation
    + Better Your Life
    + Clarity & Vision
    + And Much more...
  • 🤯 Reduce the overwhelm, learn & grow
    I get it. Getting started online, or in fact starting anything can be super overwhelming. I'll reduce the noise and help you along the way with:
    + Courses
    + Resources
    + Articles
    + Tools, Exercises & Tips
  • 📚 bearonawalks's Recommended Resources:
    The books and blogs I read, recommended videos and podcasts, awesome tools and apps that can help in all areas of life.
  • 🔐 Free & Paid Content:
    Most of the Content will be free however there will also be paid Courses, Tribes & Products (Affiliation possible) for more advanced learning. Everything created and chosen with you in mind.
  • 🌎 Like-minded People:
    The power of a Community is the people that come together to create something awesome. If I have learned something over my journey as an Entrepreneur it is to surround yourself with people who share your dreams, inspire you and lift you up!
  • 🔮 Lots more ideas planned (You can also send in Feedback, Requests and Questions)


I help people to Create a Meaningful Life That Brings them Happiness, Fulfillment and Freedom Every Day!

I used to be dreamer as a kid with a big trust in the world and people. Over time I completely lost that. Working in the corporate world and in a society that shapes you so you fit in didn't really work for me.

I always had the big questions of who am I, what is the purpose of all this?

I followed the path that was given but gave upon myself and dreams more and more. 

Working on someone else's dreams in a 9-5 job. I was miserable and disconnected more and more with myself and the world.

Finally pain was big enough and I quit everything to travel the world. Shortly after that I started chasing the freedom lifestyle which I have done for the past 2 years now. Travel influencing, affiliate marketing, social media marketing. All that stuff which thought me the 20% skills everyone is talking about.

Beginning of this year all these things broke away and yet again I realized that I still have the same big questions. Finally I understood that it had to be inside. I found the other 80% of the puzzle.

So being fed up with reoccurring patterns and having life happening to me I started digging into everything I could find to understand myself better. When I say digging into it I basically mean binge-watching YouTube videos, reading books, blogs. Everything I could find for months. From the ancient yoga philosophies to Gurus to quantum physics. That is what I have done the past 6-7 months.

Journaling, Meditation, mindfulness and inner work have been the pillar for my life now. The more I learned about these things the more I felt the need to share it. I found some inner peace and balance again.

Today I'm combining the two pillars of skills and mindset/inner work successfully and help others to get there too. I bring back the light in peoples lives and help them to reach new heights, beliefs and dreams!

My WHY for walktofreedom 

Provide a lot of awesome value for those who are serious in changing their lives for the better and want to go deeper.

Give the Mentor-ship and Guidance I never had along my journey

Grow more people sharing their light.


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